America is NOT the greatest country in the world

We still hear this...

"America is the Greatest Country in the World."

So I am going to come right out and say this....

America is NOT the greatest country in the world.

This needs to be said. I am not going to say another country is greater but I am just going to say it is time to grow the fuck up. Countries are NOT like football teams. We are part of the World... not above it.... not separated from it....

and most importantly.....

This jingoism... this Yahooism... this "America is the Greatest Nation in the World" is KILLING US!

Now I will admit the USA is an amazing country. I have been there... lived there.... lived nearly everywhere from Alaska to Florida. It is beautiful here. We have continent's worth of resources and wealth. We are truly mighty. Even in our new depression, we still have a creative and vibrant economy.


I stay with a young family in Salt Lake City. A couple and two kids. The father works full time and watches the kids. The mother works two jobs. She is usually gone from 8 am to 10 pm. She works six days a week but they struggle to get by. They only have a small house (so small that I stay in the garage...) and one car. Yet they can barely make it. Mother is consumed with stress and anxiety. One little mishap. A tiny disaster... They can lose everything... Not just ruin her own life but her kid's future as well. This is heartbreaking to watch up close.... yet it is happening everywhere.... This is wrong.

America is NOT the greatest country in the world.


My parents were much older than I. My father was a radar technician in World War II. My parents were part of the so called "Greatest Generation". I was in a large family with six children. Still, my father was able to support us working as a television repairman. It was not always easy but we had a comfortable home, cars, and a family doctor. We were not terrified of financial ruin.

We were a mighty country then. We came out of WWII relatively unscathed while the rest of the industrialized countries had been devastated. We were the winners. Families prospered with a single parent working a factory job. Unions were strong then. We had forty hour weeks. Vacations. The factories provided health care... a pension....

We were the Greatest Country in the World.

Which was the problem.

We assumed we could just go on and live this way forever. Because our economy was so strong, we thought that things would just stay that way. We did not think that the destroyed nations would rebuild and come back stronger than ever. We did not think that other countries would develop industries and take our factory jobs away and drive down the wages for the few jobs left behind. Because we defeated mighty enemies like Germany and Japan, we did not think we could be pushed around by some punks in Vietnam.

The world was changing... We were not. We thought "We are the Greatest Country in the World". We could not be wrong. All we needed to do was bring things back to the way they were in 1962 and everything would be great again.

The world does not work this way. We cannot go backwards.


I went to Europe a few days back. You won't hear too many people over there say "We are the Greatest Country in the World". They know better.... at least they should... Jackasses who thought that way started the two worst wars in history. Millions have died there because some asshole thought "We are the Greatest Country in the World".

We Americans proved them wrong....

While we were stuck being The Greatest Nation in the World, European nations evolved. They have made strides in creating a society that works for everyone. They nationalized health care and created pension funds. They have a society that protects people.... not exploit them like the corporations so many of ignorant citizens here defend to the death. They do not work two jobs just to eek by. They take long vacations every year. Yes, their taxes are high and these places are not Utopia. I am not trying to tell you they have all the answers. What I can tell you for a fact is that people there enjoy life. I did not go there as a tourist would... staying in hotels and hanging out in all the most beautiful places... I went as a musician. I played cafes in big cities and out in the countryside. I met all kinds of people. I can tell you this much for sure. They are HAPPIER then we are. What they would say to you is...

They work to live.

We live to work.

We can learn from them and become a better nation.... if only we would get our head out of the We are the Greatest Nation in the World.

This is NOT 1962. This is 2009.

Jim Morrison was maybe a bit ahead of his time when he said it but now I think I can safely say...


and... I say to you.

We are NOT the Greatest Country in the World.

To those still believing and saying just that I say you are KILLING AMERICA! We hear this ludicrous bullshit the most from the people who supported the last administration... an administration that...





fuck you.


you are KILLING AMERICA!!!!!

You are the WORST Americans.

You support this taking of our rights... this descent into a Corporate-Fascist Police State... because you fear some terrorists... What are you? A bunch of fucking PUSSIES? I am a liberal... damn fucking proud of it and I have NO FEAR of TERRORIST BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE TERRORISTS WANT!

I am stronger than you. Terrorists can go fuck themselves.

You "Good Americans" support this taking of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and yet you call something like Universal Health Care a SOCIALIST THREAT to our Country! You want to call Obama a Fascist?!! Call him an extreme leftist liberal when, in fact, if he ran against Richard Nixon, Nixon would have been the liberal. HONESTLY! Where the fuck do you come from????? and.... please.... for the love of this country... get your FUCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! Change the fucking channel.... at least once... from the idiots who do not report news but... rather... suck the MIGHTY COCK OF BIG BUSINESS.... and LIE THEIR ASSES OFF TO YOU and ARE MURDERING this once Great Nation and turning us into a joke... a laughing stock....

The Third Trailer Park from the Sun.


We are NOT the Greatest Nation in the World.

I will NOT sit by and listen to this lie anymore.