Gay Marriage? Really?!

While we all were so thankful of the election of Obama and the good common sense that maybe we should unite instead of battle each other over stupid and useless moral issues, gay marriage bans sprouted up like vile ragweed all over the country including the state of California.

Gay Marriage?


It's that fucking important to you?

Spare me your arguments. Oh... it's the "natural order" and all that. Sure... there's a man and woman and that... but beyond that there is something more essential.... more natural... beyond all your notions of what is right and wrong there is something more important... more beautiful.... more natural... more divine... more Holy....

Now think for a minute.... What could this precious concept that is held beyond all measure on Earth and in Heaven be?


LOVE is the Holy Union and it is above all LOVE that is celebrated in Marriage and it is LOVE that we most desperately need more of. It is LOVE that we... especially Christians... are born to fight for. It is never love "in this instance or that or according to this rule", it is ALWAYS LOVE ITSELF that we fight for and LOVE committed for eternity between two adults understanding and willing to make that commitment should be fucking HONORED and CHERISHED because that is the GREATEST gift mankind has to offer back to GOD.

Let gays get married.

Jesus.... I feel like the only adult in a world full of fucking crayon snorting three year olds.

Grow the fuck up.