I'm not in Maine but I've followed the gay marriage ballot measure there a bit. The one thing that struck me was the anti-gay ad campaigns. They usually rant about a gay agenda that is about to invade and destroy your family should gays be allowed to marry.

"They are going to turn your children gay!"


Of course, most people realize that gays aren't straight kids that have been turned like vampires. Typically, that only happens in college late at night and usually after some measure of alcohol and some of those other FABULOUS substances one can find on a college campus have been consumed. Even then, the straight kids usually get better the next day.

So this fear of a homosexual agenda.... like a lot of fears in our world.... is totally unfounded and.... again like a lot of fears in our world.... is just hatred turned inside out.

I usually find myself baffled as to why straight people hate gays so much that the would want to deny them the rights that they have. The only way I can get any understanding is to take myself way back to early teen John.

I'm not sure how early teen John would've felt about gay marriage because it wasn't on the table way back then. Even Ellen hadn't come out of the closet yet. These were the Reagan years. There had been a gay politician in San Francisco for a bit but he was shot. Otherwise, gays were still pretty well hidden... at least within the safe nest of American suburbia where I grew up.

If I had come out of the closet then, I probably would've kicked my own ass. I was a pretty macho kid and didn't like sissies. "Gay" and "faggot" were our favorite insults. We kids had some limited ideas of what a man should be and were not tolerant of those who didn't live up to those standards. I don't remember any gay kids in my high school. There must have been but they kept it on the down-low. I can understand why. High school was hell even for us straight kids. Being gay must have made it double hell.

For my part, I grew up. I started acting and explored all the other arts. I moved to big cities. I met gay people.... a lot of them.... lived with them... worked with them. In the end, I found I usually had a lot more in common with gay people than I did with the macho jocks in high school.

Perhaps the reality behind all the anti-gay hysteria is that, sadly, most people just simply haven't grown up. They've managed to grow into adulthood completely isolated from gay people or they have stayed so entrenched in their high school mentality that they have held onto to their homophobic attitudes.

Or they have been dragged backwards by the sad and stale institutions supposedly devoted to God. The LDS Church for example.... holding people down while claiming to be elevating people towards heaven. Fucking con men... sorry... Grow the fuck up. If God made people gay (and it would seem He most certainly has. "And lo! It was FABULOUS!") the reason was certainly not to give you someone to persecute.

The oh so typical religious thing to say to someone who is gay is that "God is testing you with these gay feelings". Why not "God is testing you with these gay people"? God is testing your tolerance... testing your acceptance of His Works... and testing your Love....

and LDS Church and all other homophobia backwoods ignorant Bible Humpers...

you FAIL.