We call it Veteran's Day now. I suppose it is well and good to have a day for veterans. They deserve that much and much more but it covers up the significance of November 11.

At 11:00 am on November 11 in 1918, the world stopped slaughtering each other. World War I is now almost entirely overshadowed by it's far more monstrous sequel. It was almost a rehearsal. Aristocratic generals who were quite often complete ignoramuses, experimented with soldier's lives by trial and error... mostly error. They were used to colonial warfare and mowing down spear wielding natives with machine guns and artillery. They had no idea how to deal with an enemy that had all the same shit. They tried what the natives tried. Charging swarms of soldiers at the enemies trenches and hope they could overrun them.

They couldn't.

Perhaps all the ones lined up at the time (11:00 11.11) meant something to the people who worked out the Armistice. Perhaps after living through a war that cost millions of lives, they thought that this could never be allowed to happen again. The world needed to be united... Our common humanity needed to transcend nations. The ones symbolized our need to be united.

To me, the whole notion that we need to kill each other... for resources... for empire... for some idiotic fictional character called God or Allah... is completely barbaric and primitive. Something that a three year old would do.... and need a time out for but we're still at it anyway. We still allow our own government to behave that way. The fact that we let our last President invade Iraq over a "suspicion" just proves how backwards we still are.

We have a day to ponder our military dead (Memorial Day). We have a day to ponder our veteran's sacrifices (Today) but what I think we really need is a day to ponder Peace.

To me, that day is today. The anniversary of a day ninety years ago when a world longed for peace after an idiotic conflict that solved nothing but killed millions in the prime of their life....

All in vain.

War is.

We are One.

11:00 11.11