Another holiday comes and, once again, the heating oil runs out. Merry Fucking Xmas. I guess its the ultimate coal in the stocking. Although I simply spent the night elsewhere for as long as I could. It has always been this way. Chasing visions over cliffs... Catching them sometimes on the way down.... but who cares?

Some would say that I should sell out. I suppose I would if someone was buying. No one is and I wouldn't expect anyone to. I would take my soul to the Devil for a good time or two up here but He's not interested either. Why should he be. I have a half worn out soul that probably wouldn't fetch more than a buck or two if I donated to the Sal-Army Thrift Store.

So tonight, I turn to whatever vices I can get my hands on to take some weight off my sufferings. Alcohol and cigarettes. Neither of which I am particularly fond of but they'll help this time pass. I am  behaving  like a typical  American  in poverty. I buy something....

I am lucky though. These miseries of American poverty are nothing. Over the oceans people are starving, being tortured, murdered, and being subjected to brutalities that I can't even imagine. Humanity is a brute that is yet to be tamed.

I am beyond the so called "magic" of the holidays. Christ is just some bullshit that we would do well to be without. I'm as spiritual as the rest of you but, quite frankly, the religion has been so corrupted by greed, lust, and all manners of evil, that it is more a menace than a salvation. I could say the same for Islam. Fuck Allah. He's a prick and not worthy of humanity. Neither Gods are worhty of humanity. The Bible is 99% bullshit. Think of all those fundamentalists who take every word in that ignorant book as Divine Truth. Almost every word that comes out of their mouths is hatefull, arrogant, and, above all, ignorant (stuff like "Oh we shouldn't give condoms to prevent AIDS or we shouldn't look for cures with stem cells because a tribe of morons that lived four thousand years ago thinks it is wrong"). It is time to move on..........

So I feel hollow this holiday season and my only holiday wish is the much needed death of these demiurges. I am declaring a Holy War but, unlike other so called Holy Wars, I ask that not a drop of blood to ever be spilt. This is battle to be waged in the hearts and minds. Most likely, my side will win... Why?

because it is called enlightenment.