John Kerry still lives in Portland!
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I can't get over how many "Kerry '04" bumper stickers are still on the road here in Portland. I don't get it. Why? He is so not and never will be the loveable loser Al Gore has turned out to be and he was definitely not a hero of idealism and a new America fashioned in the image of Bobby Kennedy.

He was a schmuck! A sellout. A kissass to every focus group and opinion poll that he could find. His whole persona was fashioned out of the spare parts of the few elected Democrats of the late 20th Century. This second hand thrift store candidate was never loveable in any sense which is why he lost. Bush is a jackass but he won because people knew he was a jackass. He is an idiot and, apparently, proud of it. Nobody knows who Kerry is. I doubt his ketchup queen wife even knows.

Now I don't mind seeing the occasional Howard Dean or Kucinich or Nader or even Mondale sticker driving around. Yeah I know. They're losers too but at least they sort of resemble a real people. But, for fucksakes, peel off the goddamn Kerry stickers! It's over and your second rate candidate lost. The end. Why parade around with that living reminder of how embarassing our so-called "democracy" really is.