So it was yet another of what we musicians like to call "Spinal Tap moments". For those of you unfamiliar with the 80's mockumentary, watch it now. It is the law.

Annie, John, and I had another busking gig at a local brewery. I opened and though I wasn't in a self indulgent and aloof singer-songwriter kind of mood I really wish I was so I could have been worthy of the ignorance I received. Instead, I tried to be entertaining and, to be perfectly honest, I was quite proud of myself while I was playing my music. It was only when I stopped and heard nothing but people talking over me that made me aware that I sucked (I had no idea how awful I was!). It wasn't from lack of trying though. I played some good songs and had good banter (albeit with myself...) but I am quite certain that if I lit myself on fire the best I could have hoped for is that somebody just might have gone through the effort of taking a picture of it with their cellphone.

Sadly, it was a great night of music. Annie has great songs and belts them out with so much soul and energy it is exhausting just watching her. John (Right On John), quite simply, fucking rocks. I pretty much suck (...or so it would seem) but before the show I was recording promos for a radio station in Australia that's playing my music this week.

After my set, I accompanied Annie on the accordion. In fact, one of the reasons we do this gig is because we love each other's music and have fun backing each other up. Still, half way through Annie's set, the tip jar was still empty (did I mention we were busking?). I finally took it and walked around the bar while still playing the accordion to Annie's music. I went from table to table. Some people relented and gave a buck ot two but they seemed put off ("What?! You want money for doing something you've worked on for years and put your soul into it?" I know.... I know.... Music is pretty fucking stupid. I doesn't even get me laid... worthless.). Other people just glared at me as if I was from Mars. Granted, you don't see a barefoot musician wandering around with an accordion down at the mall but this is fucking Portland. Others apparently thought I was just a bum off the street begging for change. I was sorry they missed our show but we were only about ten feet from their conversation. One left turn of their heads and they were there.

In the end, I had enough tips to almost cover a Taco Bell dinner which John and I enjoyed after making five trips to the van unloading our gear through the mud. Yes indeed, another grand night in the life of a musician.... least the pandas danced.