Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The One Man Band
Current mood: drunk

Much to the detriment of my housemate (whose well being I don't give a rat's ass about...), I have been making one man band demos this week now that I am once again unemployed in Portland.  I had been kicking the idea of trying the one man band for awhile just so I could get into more alcohol drinking establishments as a soloist. Singer songwriters tend to be relegated to coffee houses which simply ain't my scene (though I'm playing one this week). I didn't take the one man band  idea seriously until I moved to Portland and was informed by Right On John that I had a gig as a one man band in two weeks.

My setup has evolved into an all acoustic three to five piece. I have connected my kick drum pedal to a folded empty six pack of Full Sail (I drank the beers by myself to insure quality). The folded six pack is placed under my accordion case which I sit on and I play the pedal backwards providing a nice thump. My other foot is stomping on an old surplus steel voting booth which has a tambourine duct taped to it which makes a snare/tambourine hi-hat-ish sound. Of course, I do my usual bit with accordion, guitar, dobro, harmonicas, banjo, voice, ect..

I'm no sure whether I'll keep it up or not. Our "One Man Band" shows have been received so poorly here that we've decided to stop doing them (we wind up spending more money putting them on than we make). I have since purchased a loop pedal thingamigigy with which I can cheat and play all kinds of overdubs and kick out more modern sounding music which I plan to work with more in the future.

I really have no idea which way to take my music anymore. That's what happens when you don't get any audience at your shows (you can't tell if your act is getting better or worse...). I should probably give up on music in general but I simply can't think of anything better to do.

So it goes....

For more about the One Man Band, I have a myspace "other other john" which has more live recordings and video. I am putting a page on my website, , as well......