I wish my genes were spliced with a Ken doll...
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is what I said to a friend today talking about a place I used to live having been converted to Generica with that one size fits all kit that they've been using all across the country like some concrete plague.

The song for the day is "Crime to Be Me". I wrote it when I was in Alaska and perhaps as far as you can get from American culture and still be in America. I had just been arrested for impersonating myself which inspired the song's premise but the real story is in the last verse....

"I don't believe this world fits me.
Everybody is so full of it
I feel empty."

Our Gov't is sending our own people to their death for a lost cause. Our leaders should be tried for treason if not murder. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Under the waves is the declining quality of life in this country, the unsustainability of it all, the growing personal debt, the growing gap between the rich and so very poor, how we can't afford to get sick and on and on.

What do we care about?

Who the father of some stupid rich cunt's daughter is and four fucking seconds of a morning talk show.

To use the late K. Vonnegut's metaphor.

We have all moved to the 51st State.

The State of Denial.