Friday, April 20, 2007

another staffing agency adventure....
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Staffing agencies are rank, amateur, businesses run by semi-literate community college dropouts who are slightly less competent than Alberto Gonzalez. I really should know better by now. Still, it was the only callback I've gotten in the last month and maybe I needed to get out of the house.

So I get up early and get dressed. I have pretty much forgotten how it feels to do either. I hopped the bus and found my way to the agency where I was greeted by an ex pom pom squad girl who handed me the usual book of forms for me to fill out.

I've gotten quick at filling out these forms. Perhaps I should write that in as yet another "skill". I brought it back to my over made up and glossy haired princess of suburban last year. I'd mention her by name but she probably has a Myspace account with enough glitter unicorns to be seen from orbit.

I could tell she wasn't interested in her interview. She was doing it for practice maybe because she knew she wasn't hiring me. I figured that out too but went through my stump speeches about the many varied things I've done to make a little less than a living.

Finally, she told me that she had nothing for me. The only positions they were staffing were not bus accessible. This really pissed me off because I told her on the phone I was taking the bus to get to the interview. Fortunately for my greasy haired bimbo, she was one interview early for my blow up. I stopped myself from saying "Thanks for wasting my time, bitch" for the last time.

On my way out, I flicked my card behind me. I turned around and was surprised that it landed nicely on an end table. Of course, I would have preferred it to fly into a waiting trash can or all the way into a urinal where it could be appropriately toned yellow with piss. Still, landing as it did was pretty impressive. I smiled knowing that I may be a loser but I look good doing it.

That's all that matters.



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