" Bible Milk is a unique entity in the realm of contemporary alt-folk - while keeping some of the basic sound and themes traditional, John Whipple has managed to weave a weirdly beautiful tapestry of independently minimalistic, whimsical and soulful threads. " Gothic Beauty Magazine

"Making new Americana music presents a real problem, since the genre is at least partly premised on sounding old. One solution is to sound old-timey in the theatrical tradition of exaggerated hill-billery that runs from Merle Haggard to the Bowerbirds. JP Whipple works on the gothic end of this spectrum, where everyone is either an orphan, an alcoholic, or a drunk orphan. Here is America as carnival show—nihilistic spoons and banjos galloping along with an untuned piano.

Bible Milk nails the atmosphere. It opens with birdsong and chain gang, and the next 40 minutes sound spooky and fun." - Missoula Independent

"One of the few CD's I've heard lately that made me think there were some people 'thinking outside the box' of what people want to hear..." Salt Lake Underground Magazine

"John Whipple busts out with the kind of story telling and musical craftsmanship that I tend to think of as long gone in American culture. The gritty realism of the lyrics combined with the truly artful and talented musicianship never cease to floor me. Bible Milk is a one of a kind album, and one NOT TO BE MISSED in a sea of horrific, canned, over produced nonsense. A musicians musician...this is the real stuff. " Tiffany Stoneman

" Geen enkel moment valt Whipple door de mand, wat op zich een heuse prestatie is. Meer dan eens balanceert de man met zijn muziek op de dunne grens tussen kunst en kitsch." Fred Celis Rootstime

"Op het eerste gehoor klinkt deze cd buitengewoon apart en ongrijpbaar, maar na meerdere luisterbeurten bespeur je inventiviteit en originaliteit op deze cd. Van Tom Waits gaat het naar Bob Dylan tot John Coltrane." Alt-Country Forum



Bible Milk

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