How Whipple's music is better than yours.

John Whipple is one of the most prolific songwriters ever to emerge in the Twentieth Century. Indeed, as he  puts it:

"I am probably the best poet ever to use the English language. It is sad that the human race has not produced more of me and less of everybody else."

Whipple's music is truly amazing, using sophisticated chord changes over deeply symbolic yet universal lyrics, and somehow presenting these great songs using only his guitar and voice is a feat no one has come close to in the history of mankind. He claims to be plugged into the higher realms of existence. As he puts it:

"I live my whole life as an inspired being. Most people think about art as something they do. I think about it as something I am. My whole life is symbolic. Symbolic of man's struggle for existence in an insane world. On the surface it may seem like I am getting stoned or drunk and writing stupid songs about girls and whiskey, but I am really on another level writing the new myths of the modern man."

Indeed Whipple's songs go far below the surface level of the most simple pop songs. The lyrics have deeper meanings. 'Whiskey' does not just mean whiskey. The word "whiskey"  actually means "find inner beauty through Dionysian indulgence"  except when sung over E-flat when it means "on wet days rise above the clouds". When he uses the word "you" he is not talking about you. Instead, he is talking about me.

When confronted about his lack of success in the music industry, Whipple easily dismisses his critics:

"I am not writing, like most songwriters, to be heard. I am writing to be felt. I reach people on a more sublime level. When people go to the stadium to see Britney Spears or Lionel Ritchie or whoever, they will be hearing them but they will be feeling me. Its like I am in the basement while everybody else is upstairs pretending to have a good time. I don't have to pretend..."

Instead of being easily disposed of like most American music, Whipple's music is hard to get rid of. Even if you are like most people and don't have one of his CD's and have not ever heard him play live, his music is so good it effects you anyway. It is undeniable, John Whipple is the best songwriter that has ever lived.



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