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Age: Vintage

Sex: Yes

J.P. Whipple's Official-esque Bio

Instruments: banjo, accordion, guitar, 1935 National O, Dobro, lap steel (1942 National New Yorker), trash drum kit, ukulele, harmonicas, kitchen sink...

Genre(s): "Vagabond Roots" (yes... I made that up.) May contain one or more of the following: country, blues, Appalachian, folk, rock, cabaret, gypsy, kitchen sink.

J.P.Whipple is a post-Millennial barefoot gypsy traveling the world preaching his “Vagabond Roots”. His music explores the “Dark Side of the American Dream” sometimes with self deprecating humor, sometimes cutting satire, sometimes deep and sincere honesty, and sometimes a hint of mysticism. He has written several hundred songs and put together at least a dozen albums (though excessive poverty has led to few of them being printed).

Besides making several under the underground hit albums, J.P. Whipple is also a not-famous painter. He is a writer and essayist. He has authored several "too good to be published" works including an epic poem called The Toilet about an afterlife where souls are judge by Mother Earth. He ran for President in 2012. He has also started his own religion based on a prophet named Joel who preaches to the masses under the I-80 overpass.

Currently, you can find Whipple in Salt Lake City working on various projects. He and his band, Tycoon Machete, have been traveling through the West performing anywhere that will have them. Like any responsible citizen, John posts frequent about politics on his facebook. He is currently looking for a new country that might take a barefoot refuge from the lost land of America.

All history is a bit of fiction. Mine is no exception which is why I offer several bios. The "official-esque" is somewhat based on actual events. The "best songwriter ever" bio is a more standard issue bio for a self indulgent egomaniac. Then there's the "alien abduction bio" which is just plain crazy... like me.

Alternate Bios (pick a reality)



  • Thrift Store Wardrobe (2002)
  • Dinner For One (2003)
  • The Trickle Down EP (2003)
  • Plug and Play Messiah, Tycoon Machete (2004)
  • Songs for No One (2005)
  • The Last Cold One (2006)
  • Bible Milk (2009)
  • Ghosts (2012)
  • RacKeT (2013)
  • Thinking of You... Staring at the Power Lines (2014)
  • Moab (2014)

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