What should I be outraged about today? 03.27.12

The "Them" Wall 01.30.12

Screens : Who Gives a Shit? 12.09.11

This is Life in the 21st Century? 11.19.11

You Take on the Dreams of the Ones Who Slept There 11.14.11

Economic Stimulus Idea Apocalypse NOW! 11.09.09

No Place for a Gypsy 11.05.11

1111 11.11.09

Gay People.... RUN!!!! 11.06.09

America is NOT the greatest country in the world 10.03.09

25 essential things to know about Whipple 2.11.09

stepping out to a greater love 3.20.09

Death... or Here's Tom with the Weather 01.30.09

Gay Marriage.... Really?! 11.06.08

I will not kill you with my bare feet 07.30.08

Training wheels... Father's Day 2007.

Yet Another Staffing Agency Adventure (4.20.07)

in defense of Barbie and Ken dolls (4-19-07)

CLOUDS ~ answer to cake ~ (4.17.07)

I wish my genes were spiced with a Ken doll (4.12.07)

so long Kilgore Trout...(4.11.07)

To the Lost Souls of Myspace (4.09.07)

why you should support independent music(4.05.07)

only 499.997 to go...(3.23.07)

The One Man Band(3.21.07)

Those Damn Belgians!(3.10.07)

oh yeah..(3.7.07)

Spinal Tap Moments or Gratuities Part Duex(2.25.07)

Gratuities... (2.21.07)

5 Reasons Why Valentines Day is the Worst Day of the Year (2.14.07)

The Death Notebook (2.13.07)

The Album 1967-2006 R.I.P. (2.12.06)

I played music today... Sorry(2.09.07)

John Kerry Still Lives in Portland! (2.09.07)

Happy Hollowdaze (12.25.06)

Two Lives... an epilogue (11.04.06)

Life is beautiful (11.01.06)


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