Perfect for every occasion! Bring J.P. Whipple into your home, yacht, castle, bar, hotel, festival, battleship, torture chamber, back seat, or anywhere else where the people are hungry for medicine!

Rates are negotiable. I especially enjoy places that provide a roof over my head (but please NOT the county jail... again), meals, and lively drinks and conversation.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.


I bring enough sound eqiupment for a small to medium sized room. For large clubs I require two drum mics, line/mic for my amp, instrument mic for my accordion (if necessary). I generally prefer to use my own vocal mic (phantom power is preferred). I alternate lead instruments throughout my sets. I perform barefoot and I generally don't wear shoes because they only become something to trip over. I take full responsibility for my idiosynchratic manner of dress.


J.P. Whipple - sings and plays accordion, Dobro, lap steel, banjo, ukulele, hub-caps, tambourines, accordion case, harmonicas, cookie tins, wood boxes and your girlfriend....


"Live, Whipple channels a vaudevillian, old-timey, creeped-out, almost carnie aesthetic that is well worth its weight in snake oil." Eugene Weekly

"Tom Waits meets Robert Johnson at the Crossroads of the Strip Mall Republic" Salt Lake City Weekly







Bookings email: J.P. Whipple

+1 928.225.1712


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leo and edith

Leo and Edith Whipple celebrating the opening of the Filthy Whipple Medicine Show! 1922