I’m sad to report

            on the level below

            was the fast food court.

It was yet another bizarre show

            people were seated with the food they bought

            and inhale it as fast as they could go.

They chowed but it was all for naught

            because the food they ate


no satisfaction as they cleared their plate.

            The more they consumed

            the more their soul would dissipate.

When they finished, the whole ritual was resumed

            and they got up to get more.

            Then it could only be assumed

their new plate would only leave them emptier than before.

            “They’ll never be satisfied”,

            Abbey said as we walked towards the door.

“They’re so caught up in the ride.

            They want it cheap and they want it fast

            but this shit only leaves them empty inside.

Someday maybe people will get past

            wanting a life so disposable and shallow

            and seek out the things that last.

Then they wouldn’t feel so hollow.

            Down here, it would be too much

            for most people to swallow

as they are so out of touch.”

            We went through the door

            leaving such

a horrible place but even though we had gone down three floors or more

            when we stepped outside

            we found ourselves right where we were before.

At least the shitstorm had died.

            Now there was trash everywhere

            as if left by some foul tide.

I was just glad to be out of there.

            So we headed for the highway

            where the traffic was going nowhere.








Out on the highway

            all the cars were going nowhere

            and we could not see what was in their way.

They were jammed from front to rear

            you could see cars from near to far.

            Their engines and fouled the air.

It was quite bizarre

            watching the drivers go insane

            and since there was only one person in every car

we walked down the empty carpool lane.

            The drivers we past

            were so inane.

They swore and blast

            their horn again and again

            in such a hurry to go nowhere fast.

“They’ve been here since who knows when.

            Heading for the same place

            They never get to where they are going or even know where they’ve been.

They never catch the dreams they chase

            they’re just stuck

            in this old Rat Race.”

It would be our luck

            that our friend the bear

            pulled into the ORV lane and picked us up in his truck.

One of the stuck drivers shouted at us  “That’s not fair!”

            and then he swore

            and stuck a finger high into the air.

At this, the bear jumped out and tore

            into the raging driver’s car.

            The driver didn’t have time to lock his door

or defend himself with a pry bar.

            The bear had his way

            and scattered pieces of the driver near and far.

After the bear made that driver pay

            he jumped back in the truck

            and we sped down the highway.

Passing driver after driver who were all still stuck

            and blasting their horns even though it was useless,

            I began to see a dark city up ahead through the smoggy muck.

I asked Abbey, “What is this foul metropolis?”

            “That is none other than the dread

            City of Pis,

the capital of this land of the dead!”

            I asked Abbey “Is there some other place we can go?”

            But Abbey said

“I’m afraid the answer is no

            but the good news is,

            I think you would like to know,

that down there we will end this awful biz.”

            Then, as we were crossing the river,

            he said to the driver, “Pull over. I got to take a whiz!”










































We stopped on the bridge midway across the river

            and Abbey and I climbed out.

            Then Abbey opened his trousers so he could deliver

from his spout.

            I could hear voices from below

            so I decided to have a look about.

The water was on fire and black smoke begun to bellow

            up towards us.

            Abbey laughed as he tried to douse the flames with his flow.

“If I had met these people in life I would’ve said I wouldn’t make as much of a fuss

            as to piss on them if they were on fire!

            But this is a nice bonus

even if it makes me a liar!

            The City of Pis is home of the worst

            and foulest souls ever to expire.

As you can see from how these souls have been cursed.”

            I joined him and took a piss

            into the river as it burst

into flames. I couldn’t help but laugh at this.

            It was a great relief

            during a trip so hopeless.

Our respite was brief

            as we closed our flies

            and turned towards the city of grief.

Factories along the river were blackening the skies

            and filling the river with poison.

            Behind them I could see the black towers rise

 in this land without a sun.

            I turned back towards the truck

            but there was none.


            I said.

            “Just our luck!

Looks like, we’ll have to walk instead”

            So we carried on.

            I followed as Abbey led

now that our ride was gone

            once again.

            We walked upon

the carpool lane while all the cars were where they had always been.

            Up ahead, was the dark factory.

            It was menacing and I did not want to go in

but I knew that inside was the next chapter of the story.




The factory was horrible place.

            There was a deafening din

            of machines. Acrid black smoke blew in my face.

It was enough to make my head spin.

            Men, covered with black

            soot worked at a massive engine.

They were breaking their back

            keeping the machine going.

            Above them, a massive clock was out of whack

it was always showing

            the same time.

            The workers slaved on never knowing

that the clock had stopped on a dime.

            The kept going at whatever it was they did

            all the while covered in grime.

“Get back to work!” one of them yelled and the rest hid

            their head.

            Forever stuck in mid

shift the workers moved around like lead.

            I could not help but think

            that they would be better off dead.

Too bad they already were and stuck in this stink

            with the clock stuck at half past nine.

            They were all on the brink

of collapse slaving over the hot turbine.

            If I was them I would’ve surely bolted

            but no one ever got out of line

or revolted

            even though it was so clearly unfair.

            I jolted

on the workers and shouted “Can’t you see the clock is going nowhere?”

            He answered, “There’s too much to be done!

            I got no time to spare!”

I asked Abbey, “No one has got a gun

            pointed to their head

            so why don’t they stop and go out and have some fun


            “Though they seem to have it rough

            they were born and bred

to never have enough.

            So they keep toiling

            making such useless stuff

while their factories are spoiling

            the entire Earth.

            Working their fingers to the bone in this boiling

hell never once questioning what its all worth.”















































Abbey and I left the factory and crossed the street

            filled with cars going nowhere.

            The drivers sat and fumed in their seat.

I could not believe that they would just sit in there

            rather than get out and walk the rest of the way.

            All they would do is glare

from their cars where they would always stay.

            Abbey led me down

            to the subway.

Underneath the horrid town

            the scene was pretty grim.

            Out of the brown

walls some damned souls stuck out a limb.

            Someone was playing the blues.

            I think I recognized him.

His case was empty and he had no shoes.

            He was singing a song

            about being born to lose.

Abbey and I stopped to sing along.

            He offered us a beer.

            Abbey asked “Been busking here long?”

“Don’t know for sure but you’re the first people I’ve seen here.

            No one uses the mass transit

            in this place” he said and offered up a cheer.

Abbey asked “How long you reckon we’re going to have to sit

            and wait?”

            “Just a minute

or two. The trains are never late.

            It should be here,

            I would speculate,

by the time you finish your beer.”

            Sure enough, as soon as we chugged down

            our beer, we could hear

the train coming around.

            We tipped the blues player all we could afford

            and got on the train heading downtown.

We were the only ones onboard.

            I asked Abbey where in the City of Pis

            we were heading toward.

He answered “The business

            district is our destination.”

            When the train stopped he said “This

must be our station.”

            When we climbed back out to the street

            nothing would prepare me for the situation

we would meet.

            The streets were ankle deep in swirling papers

            and we heard the marching feet

of the men and women filing out of the skyscrapers.

            At first some were performing

            weird dances and ridiculous capers

while some started forming

            lines and soon

            the others started conforming.

Then our business platoon

            grabbed the person in front of them from behind

            and dropped their pants exposing their full moon.

Then each one was so kind,

            and you won’t believe this,

            to bend over so they could find

and kiss

            the ass of the person in front of them.

            Then the hapless

men who had no one behind him

            to kiss his ass because he was the last in the pack

            pulled out a knife long and slim

and stabbed the person in front of him in the back.

            Soon all the leading lines would find

            themselves under attack

from the people that were behind.

            This way those behind climbed over the ones in front

            and then the wounded struggled to their feet and lined

back up. With a grunt

            they pulled the long

            knife out of their own backs and they started over the whole stunt.

As if this wasn’t wrong

            enough, after the last rotation,

            they burst into this song:


“We are the multinational corporation!

            Hum de dum here we come

            We owe no allegiance to any nation!

de dom dee dum dum dum

            Profit! Profit! At all cost!

            De dum dee dum dum dum

Profit! Profit! ‘Til all is lost!

            Dum de dom de dum dum dum

            Buy our garbage! Breathe our exhaust!

Dum dee dee dee dommy dum dum dum

            We have no conscious! We have no heart!

            Pee doo de dum dum dum

Don’t expect us to ever start!

            Dee dee dom dee doo dum

            As long as our profits are off the chart!

doo doo dee doo doo bum

            We spread across the world like a disease!

            Doo dee doo doo dum

We buy the government and do what we please!

            Doo boop pee poo ho hum

            If you don’t like what we do here, we’ll do it overseas!

doo dee doo dee pooh cum

            We’ll pollute the water and the air!

            Doo woo dee doo woo crumb

If it makes money we just don’t care!

            Dee whoop dee doo redrum

            If we don’t do it here, we’ll do it over there!

woo hoo pooh pee pooh big bum

            We’ll do things horrible and obscene!

            Boo widdily flump pum

Buy the media to keep our noses clean!

            Pee poopy dope ho hum

            Money is the only thing that is needs to be green!

Boo boop pee do fo fum          

            Now here comes our big hero!

            Woo hoo pee doo pond scum

He’s as close to God as we’ll ever know!

            My oh my oh wee are dumb

            All empty your pockets and hail our CEO!”


Then the street cleared and the CEO did come

            rolling down the in a big limo.

            I happened to recognize that scum

from not too long ago.

            As that disgrace

            passed me in that limo

I pelted him with some rotten fruit and wiped the smile off his face.

            Abbey grabbed my arm and said “We’ve got to go before it’s too late.

            I have to show you another place

where we keep the heads of state.”










Before the capital there was a dignified statue.

            A crowd had gathered around

            and they were making much ado.

They would shout and stomp on the ground

            demanding this and that.

            The statue never made a sound.

He just stood where he was at.

            The crowd made demands but the statue never moved

            as they cursed and spat.

The statue was not behooved.

            He just stood still

            never disagreed and he never approved.

It seemed like he never will.

            Before him was a silver pail

            and, in it, Abbey dropped a bill.

At this, the statue came alive to avail

            himself and offer his hand.

            He said, “I will do as you wish, good sir, without fail!”

I told Abbey I didn’t understand.

            “They like to spread the fallacy

            ‘This is the home of the brave and the land

of the free’, but you see,

            nothing ever gets done

            without a lot of currency.

But come on now. We’ve only just begun.

            We must look inside

            to see how this place is run.”

From outside the capitol I could hear the voices that cried

            out for mercy.

            The moaning was so pitiful I must confide

I did not have to go in and see

            to know what was going

            on inside was not diplomacy!

Abbey insisted on showing

            me what was inside

            those hallowed chambers. I followed not knowing

that these chambers do not provide

            a forum for debate

            but instead therein reside

torture chambers. It was a cruel fate

            for these once esteemed statesmen

            who were either being tortured or were having to wait

their turn in a tiny hanging pen.

            Everywhere politicians were naked and in chains

            some being put in thumbscrews. I even saw one in an Iron Maiden.

Oh the excruciating pains

            I watched them endure

            but it was not ill gotten gains

that led to their severe censure.

            I could hear their tormentor’s call

            telling them they would be free from their torture

and released from being chained to the wall

            if they would only say something of substance.

            Anything at all.

Abbey said “They would be freed from their horrible circumstance

            if they said something other than their empty stump speeches

            but, sadly, we’ve trained them to take only a hollow stance.

When slimy politicians try to take a stand that reaches

            everyone, our choices are few.

            Too bad a winner take all majority rule government teaches

them to have such a narrow view. “
































After we left the capitol we found the traffic was still in the same spot.

            Every road. Everywhere

            was just a parking lot.

Some of the drivers would glare

            at us as we walked by.

            Some would just stare

while others would cry.

            We heard some cursing their fate

            asking their God. “Why?”

Others were becoming quite irate.

            At long last we came to an intersection

            at which all the cars seemed to wait.

Indeed, all the traffic, in every direction

            was stuck at this traffic light.

            Upon closer inspection

we could see that things were not right.

            I finally understood why traffic was stopped dead

            all day and night.

When I saw I just laughed and shook my head.

            Anyway you looked at this traffic signal

            it was always red!


We were near the coliseum which Abbey assured me would be our final

            stop of this odyssey.

            There was a bus unloading barefoot convicts in chains and penal

uniforms. There was a crowd of animals looking to see

            the new arrivals. How humiliating it must feel!

            Then, amidst all this lunacy,

arrived that lady seal

            in her coat made from that vain woman’s skin.

            Then I witnessed a scene most surreal

as some activists closed in

            on her and dumped a buckets of red dye

            on her coat over and over again.

The seal started to cry. 

            Then the police and the activists started to clash.

            The seal took off her coat and walked by

and threw that poor soul in the trash.

            Abbey and I went to the gate

            and he bought our tickets with cash.

The monkey selling programs said “Hurry, don’t be late!

            This show is sure to be a blast!

            See the CEO’s fate!

This show is sure to be his last!”

















































We took a seat in the great coliseum

            The stands were filled with animals.

            It was pandemonium.

The stadium echoed with their heckles and calls.

            Their stomping shook

            the floors and walls.

When they came out, I had to struggle to get a look

            at the prisoners all dressed in a jump suit.

            Then the ape next to me took

some rotten fruit

            tossed it down on the field.

            The whole crowd began to pollute

the ground and prisoners tried to shield

            themselves from the raining trash.

            Some begged for mercy but the crowd would not yield

and the garbage continued to crash

            down with a chorus of boos.

            Some of the garbage would cause a terrible gash

as the prisoners tried to pick up the refuse.

            They were all cut up by broken glass

            as none of them had shoes.

“This unruly crowd is pretty crass

            to throw so much garbage their way.

            What has led those convicts out on the grass

in this field of play?”

            “I couldn’t think of a punishment fitter

            for these souls who once carelessly threw away

so much litter.

            Who could blame the Earth

            for being so bitter!”

That wasn’t the end of the show, for what its worth,

            it was far from done.

            The crowd went into such mirth

when the next act begun.

            Onto the field drove that limo

            with that son

of a bitch which made my anger grow.

            I knew this couldn’t be right.

            Just then I saw the whole crowd go

over the walls and crashed upon the car with all the might.

            They tore into the car and brought the man it concealed

            into the spotlight.

They dragged him across the field

            as he shouted “This is obscene!”

            All the while his crimes were revealed

on the big screen.

            He was bloody. His suit was ragged and torn.

            The mob had been so mean

but for him I could not mourn

            knowing the things he had done.

            I felt nothing but scorn.

And so begun

            the trial

            and the prosecution brought in evidence by the ton.

His defense consisted only of denial.

            Over and over he said “I don’t recall!”

            Just like in life he sounded like an imbecile

but this time his back was up against the wall.

            He stood defiant and bleeding from his cuts.

            I remembered the judge from the vision I had after the fall

in that field. After which, I wound up puking cigarette butts.

            Once again the crowd

            was going nuts

and becoming so loud

            my ears were ringing.

            Still, the accused stood proud

as the animals started singing,

            “Swirley! Swirley!”

            The judge could tell there was no bringing

order and she became quite surly.

            “It seems clear to me

            that it is not too early

to issue my decree.

            The jury of your earthly peers had spoken

            and so shall it be.

Your crimes are such that there are no kin

            of yours whose trust

            you had broken.

So you must

            for your crime

            of forsaking the Earth and endeavoring to spoil it.

So now it is time

            to flush the Toilet!”










Suddenly, the sky opened up

            throughout the stadium a great cheer

            began to erupt.

“The end is near!” shouted Abbey as he cracked open another beer.

            White clouds came tumbling down from the sky

            and the animals all began to disappear.

With a wink in his eye

            Abbey pointed to the falling debris

            and announced “Those aren’t clouds. That’s 2-Ply!”

When it got closer I could see

            that hitting that sky scraper

            was actually dirty

toilet paper!

            Soon all the animals

            had turned to vapor

and far off in the distance I could see the porcelain walls

            had become

            giant waterfalls.

There were some

            souls that tried to run and hide.

            I have no idea how come

they tried to save themselves when they already died!

            The world started to spin

            and the first to go

when it started to cave in

            was the CEO.

            When I asked Abbey where he went

he answered “Somewhere far below!”

            We watched more souls get sent

            down the drain.

Abbey turned to me and said “Well, I hope you enjoyed the time you spent

            amongst this world of misery and pain

            but now it’s time for me to go!”

“Wait!” I shouted. “You have explain

            where I’m suppose to go!”

            As I said this a great

vortex of swirling water had opened below

            us both. Abbey said “You can’t just leave things to fate.

            Without courage there is no change.

You better get involved and jump in now before it’s too late!”







I was left alone to make a leap of faith

            off the deep end

            amongst the swirling wraith.

I was left to fend

            for myself with Abbey gone.

            I had no guide to depend


            So I leapt into

            the massive john

and I fell through

            as all around me swirled

            the souls who

were condemned to this world.

            I was untouched by the world spinning round.

            Instead, a truth unfurled

that was most profound.

            All was not lost as it would seem

            and I was not drowned

like all those caught up in this whirling stream.

            I understood how it was so easy to get lost

            chasing a dream

and how high the cost

            of making it come true.

            What crossed

my mind is that it would no longer do

            to think only about what it best

            for me and you.

We have to decide what is best

            for not just ourselves but for all those in need.

            We can no longer harvest

before we plant that seed.
















After a long while I splashed down

            in a massive pool.

            I plunged deeper and deeper and I was sure I would drown.

I knew I had left that world though because the water was clean and cool

            and when I hit bottom I slipped right through the sand.

            I felt like a fool

when I found myself upside down on dry land.

            I was in the same spot I had left but the pool was gone

            and I didn’t understand

what was going on.

            I began to scream

            because I felt it was a foregone

conclusion that it all was only a dream.

            I was back in the desert with nothing all around

            but it was not all as it would seem.

Suddenly, I heard my collie, Dusty, bark and I got up and chased that sound

            around the bend.

            It was there, not twenty feet away, I found

my Subaru waiting for me. The end.