Across the bridge fields were being irrigated

         but the crop was a bust.

         It could not be overstated

that all that grew here was dust.

         “The fertile soil has gone

         leaving this useless and salty crust

in spite of all the water they’ve drawn.”

         We crossed this fruitless land

         that went on and on.

I wondered if Abbey had planned

         for us to walk all the way

         across this great expand.

Abbey had nothing to say

         as I followed

         him across this endless day.

My enthusiasm began to erode

         as we crossed through the barren and dry

         fields where the fruitless seeds were sewed.

Then we heard a noise from the sky.

         “Run!” screamed Abbey.

         And I did try

but soon the crop duster was upon me

         and I was caught in it’s poisonous wake.

         My eyes burned when I tried to see.

I made a big mistake

         when I picked myself off the ground.

         The first breath I tried to take

knocked me back down.

         Birds with human heads

         were dropping all around.

 They convulsed for a moment and then were quickly dead.

         My head started spinning and I had a vision

         so dark it still fills me with dread.









I was caught in a maelstrom.

         There was no knowing

         where I was coming from

or where I was going.

         Down and down and around

         I was flowing.

I screamed but there was no sound

         and I braced myself for a collision.

         But there was no sky. No sound.

This fall was without intermission.

         Just as I thought I could no longer stand it

         I had vision

of the life of the planet.

         It all happened so fast

         but, though you wouldn’t understand it,

somehow I lived every moment that past.

         I saw the first creatures crawl upon the shores.

         I saw every great volcanic blast.

Then I witnessed docile giants and fierce carnivores.

         I learned what happened

         to the dinosaurs.

I saw great ice sheets move across the land

         Strange creatures rise

         and then meet their end.

I saw so much materialize

         as the Earth went through so many stages

         I could not describe all that passed before my eyes

with a billion pages.

         Then came man

         whose existence was not even a second to the ages

that came before he spread across the land.

         He had no sense that the Earth was only on loan

         and he built his civilization without a plan.

He thought he could own

         the Earth. I watched them fight. I watched them bleed.

         I watched them cut each other to the bone.

Without reason. Without need.

         The world had gone completely mad

         with this creature so full of greed.

He was spoiled but never happy with all he had.

         Then I saw them poison the land, the rivers, and the sky.

         I had never been as sad

as I was when I watched so many beautiful creatures die

         by our hand.

         I watched them multiply

and take over the land

         until there was no space

         left for nature to stand.

Then the vision was gone without a trace.

         I was in a stadium with a tremendous crowd

         and it was raining litter all over the place

as if from a tremendous cloud.

         I was dressed as prisoner. I had a number ten digits long.

         My ears were bleeding because it was so loud.

The audience chanted a hateful song.

         “Swirly! Swirly!” they sang out.

          “You’re mistaken! This is wrong!”

I did shout

         and I demanded to know

         what this was all about.

How was I the star of this show?

         Why was everyone so mean?

         I never dealt the Earth a blow.

My conscience is clean!

         Then I watched my own life flash

         up on the stadium’s big screen.

The crowd booed all the gas I used. All the trash

         I tossed. And I said  “Come on! You can’t bust

         me for that. Everyone makes a little splash!”

Then the screen showed something that set off the crowd’s blood lust.

         They way I would carelessly toss

         my cigarette butts.

Just when I thought I was going to come away with a loss

         I turned and saw Abbey

         talking with someone who looked liked the boss.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they were motioning towards me.

         “Have mercy on me!” I pleaded.

         The judge made a decree

and the vision receded.




I came to spewing vomit

         that tasted like an ashtray.

         I looked into the bucket

and saw cigarette butts and again my stomach gave way.

         This went on for weeks and I knew

         I would have to pay for every butt I threw astray.

Abbey was nowhere to be found as I went through

         this ordeal.

         It was a kindly cowheaded farmer’s wife brought me special brew

and, when I could stomach it, a meal.

         I laid in bed in disbelief

         of how horrible I could feel.

When I puked up my last butt I finally felt some relief.

         The cowhead farmer came in and so I asked him,

         “If you’re the farmer what’s the beef?”

He said “Now that you’re ready, I’ll take you to see them.”

         Just then Abbey reappeared and said,

         “I bet you’re glad you got that out of your system.”

So I asked him, “How is it that I got punished when I’m not even dead?”

         He replied, “When in Rome...”

         Feeling better, I followed as Abbey and the farmer led.

As soon as we left the little home

         we were subjected to a horrible smell.

         My mouth started to foam.

I fell

         and vomited bile all over my clothes.

         I said, “I wish I could tour this hell

without my nose!”

         Abbey replied, “The farming techniques

         of these CAFOs

fucking reeks!”

         We were led into a chicken warehouse where a hand

          was cutting off beaks.

This vision was too much to stand.

         There were human heads on all the chickens!

         I saw some chickens shit-canned

because they were not hens.

         Others were crammed

         into the tiniest of pens.

I asked what poor souls are so horribly damned.

         A chicken replied,

         “I was only a lawyer before I wound up jammed

in this cage for taking the side

         of a farm

         that was polluting far and wide!

I knew it was causing great harm

         but I won the case

         with lies and my irresistible charm.

So they cut the nose off my face

         and, as if that wasn’t enough,

         put me in this horrible place!”

“It seems like lawyers have it pretty rough”

         I replied.

         The lawyer answered, “That’s because it is so tough

to take the right side.

         when it is so easy

         to take people for a ride.”

If you would’ve asked me

         I would say I couldn’t have gotten out there too soon.

         So I was glad when they led me

out into the afternoon.

         We stood over the shore

         of what they called a “lagoon”.

The smell was so foul you could not ignore.

         The shit and piss and blood

         made me throw up even more.

Then I saw the wretched souls wallow in the crud.

         They had fins for arms and when they came up for air

         they flopped back in with a thud.

Of all the horrors I knew, nothing could be worse than swimming in there.

         I asked Abbey what they could have done

         for punishment like that to be fair?

Abbey pointed, “That one

         worked for the EPA

         and when he saw the damage done

by factory farms like this he just looked away.

         He was in the corporation’s back pocket

          so now he’s spends every day

drowning in that shit.”

         Horrible flies swarmed the man and left a scar

         every time they bit.

We moved on and it wasn’t too far

         before we came to a huge building full of half human half cow

         waiting to be brought to the abattoir.

Once again I was struck by how

         the horrors of a place could be so unreal.

         The farmer told me that their chow

was themselves rendered into meal.

         Far more terrible was the fate

         of the souls being raised as veal.

Looking at one such soul trapped in a tiny crate

         as asked, “What foul conspiracy

         would make the Earth this irate?”

Abbey answered, “Here is a cook who promoted the fallacy

         that veal

         was a delicacy

that justified the cruelty that it took to create the meal.

         Now it his fate

         to know how it would feel

to be trapped in a crate

         where it can’t even stand

         having to wait

to be slaughtered by a cow’s hand.”

         Such horrors were too much to even face

         let alone understand.

I begged Abbey to lead us out of that place.

         He reminded me, “Though we have traveled far

         in this wretched space

but we still have to see the abattoir.

         Don’t worry, my friend

         that horror

is just around the bend.”

         In the slaughterhouse the gore

         was enough to send

puking my guts out once more.         

         The place was covered with flesh and blood and dung.

         Poor souls were dragged across the floor

and from their ankles they were hung.

         They lucky ones were knocked out.

         The more unfortunate ones among

them still had their wits about

         as they were boiled alive.

         “But we need meat, no doubt,

in order to survive.

         Cattle, poultry, and swine

         have allowed us to thrive.”

“I don’t think nature’s creatures were intended for the assembly line

         though it may be to our advantage.

         The problem with us is when we dine

we don’t consider what is in the package.”







































Behind the farm the land became rugged and wild.

            This was the first place we came to

            that wasn’t totally defiled.

There was a road that went through.

            Down it a truck sped.

            Out of the window an empty beer can flew

and hit Abbey in the back of the head.


            he said.

“This always happens to me here

            in this Desert of the Dead.

            The Earth is getting me back for all the cans of beer

I tossed out on the highway side.”

            “Wait a minute! I need to make one thing clear!

            Are you a resident here or just a guide?”

“Well... there are some things I have had to make amends

            for since I died.

            That is why the Earth sends

me here to lead you through this hell.

            To this task my soul happily lends

            my skill,

but I do not belong here.

            I am just serving the Earth’s will.”

            “It seems pretty clear

after puking all that cigarette butt

            we all have something to fear.”

            Down the ridge we saw some leopards gut

some poor man they had trapped in a pen

            but shoving a red hot poker up his you know what.

            “I hope I never see that again!

I can’t imagine how horrible that felt!

            Of all the horrors I’ve seen happen

            that’s the worst I’ve seen dealt!”

“It’s pretty savage

            what poachers will do to keep a pelt

            from receiving damage.

It seems even crueler down here

            where the hunted have the advantage.”

            We saw another man naked and full of fear


             as gorillas hunted him down with a spear

            and removed his hands and his head with great zeal.

Though he was decapitated

            his ability to feel

            was never incapacitated.

And so it was on this wild ground

            the grand beasts whose numbers have been decimated

            had turned the tables around

and were chasing down

            all the trophy hunters and poachers that could be found.

            We saw wolves, lions, elephants and bears (black and brown)

join in

            and go to town

            on the shades of those greedy men.

Abbey and I stayed on the shoulder of the road

            as the carcasses were carted away

            by the truckload.

Before us, a jungle lay

            and Abbey went in and, of course, I followed.


































The jungle was dark as night

            and by then I should’ve known

            that this place was certainly not right.

From everywhere we heard a quiet moan

            and there was a strange glow about the place.

            From the birds, the trees, and the snakes there shown

visages of a human face.

            They would flicker. They would fade.

            Some would vanish without a trace.

The road had ended so Abbey pulled out a blade

            and started blazing a trail.

            Out of every branch blood sprayed

and the ghostly faces began to wail.

            I tried to avoid getting soaking wet

            but to no avail.

It wasn’t long before I dripping blood and sweat.

            Progress was a chore

            with all the obstacles we met

and being weighed down with gore.

            When we reached the river

            Abbey collapsed on the shore.

The thought made me shiver

            of sleeping with these ghosts all around.

            Still, I was so exhausted I had to deliver

myself to the ground.

            I meant to merely rest my eyes

            but soon the sound

of ghostly lullabies

            filled with sorrow

            made me realize

I had to let my consciousness go

            and I took flight.

            With the river, my spirit did flow.

Together we journeyed deep into the night.

            At the end of shadow

            there was a flickering light.

In it I saw ghosts of things that long ago

            were put to death by our impact

            The Carrier Pigeon, the Quagga, the Caspian Tiger, the Dodo

and so many creatures and plants I could never have kept track.

            For a moment they appeared

            and then quietly faded into the black.

But after all these beings disappeared

            then dream went on

            and became even more weird.

There was the Polar Bear, the Elephant, the mighty Lion.

            All of which were slipping away

            but not quite gone.

And the dream continued to play

            and the visions drew nearer.

            The last still haunts me to this day.

I saw myself as if in a mirror.

            When it first played

            it couldn’t be clearer

but, just like the rest, I began to fade.






































I woke to my own echo

            telling myself it can’t be true.

            Abbey asked “Do you really think so

after all you’ve been through?”

            “It was a dream. I was just only freaking!”

            “I suppose that I’ll have to grant you.

Of course, technically speaking

            this is all a dream. Still,

            if it’s more evidence you’re seeking,

there’s plenty more on the bill

            Although I must admit

            the future is a matter of will.

Only you living can decide it.

            You can change your ways

            or live in a world of shit.”

We wandered through the morning haze

            with the ghostly chorus singing as we went ahead.

            Then, suddenly, the ghosts went into a craze

and I heard the grinding noise of gas fed

            engines from the opposite shore.

            Then the river turned red

from the blood and gore.

            The whole forest started to cry

            as Old Buzztooth kept coming for more.

Logs, like bleeding carnage, floated by

            as we looked for a way to the other side.

            I couldn’t see how Abbey and I

could cross this river that was so deep and wide

            without a boat.

            Then I watched Abbey stride

across the logs which, thankfully, were buoyant enough to stay afloat.

            I called out to him but he wasn’t stopping.

            So even though I felt my chances were remote

I started hopping

            across the bloody river.

            Somehow I did so without dropping.

 and managed to deliver

            myself to the other shore

            without so much as a sliver.

The forest was louder than before.

            The ghosts were full of fear.

            We could from the chainsaw roar

that they were getting near.

            When we could finally see the men

            that came to clear

the trees. They were not flesh but wooden.

            The trees made

            a terrible noise as the saws cut in

and the blood sprayed.

            The forest was opened like a gaping

            wound. Blood pouring out from where the trees were laid.

 The chorus of ghosts had no hope of escaping

            their fate.

            “These are the ghosts that were so found of reshaping

the world by clearing the slate

            as if nature was a curse.

            These ranchers, developers, and exploiters had such a hate

for the wild, of course, ultimately made the planet worse.

            Their devotion

            to ‘improving’ upon nature is quite perverse.”

“But why even far away from all this commotion

            do the ghosts cry out?”

            “People seem to have this notion

that this jungle is about

            the parts we can use

            and the rest we could do without.

But for every little part we abuse

            it is actually the whole

            that we lose.

Everything in the world has a role

            to play.

            So for every piece of nature we exploit it is our own soul

we cut away.”




















Abbey and I walked down the highway.

            There were cattle ranches were the jungle once stood.

            Truck after truck was hauling the exploits away.

Damned souls trapped in livestock, wildlife and wood

            passed by.

            It wasn’t long before the land was no good

and it became barren and dry.

            The land we perverted

            in the blink of an eye

was converted

            into a wasteland

            and deserted.

The sand

            started howling..

            In the fury, I heard a band

of people bawling.

            These poor souls had no eyes

            and were crawling.

Above them I could hear the cries

            of a terrible vulture.

            Tormenting flies

added to their torture.

            “Why are these souls

            wandering in this scorcher?

Why do they have holes

            were they should have eyes?”

            “They are ignorant assholes

who claimed scientists told lies

            when they spoke of the impact

            we humans had on the Earth, water, and skies.

They refused to accept fact

            so the vultures took their eyes and now they are lost.

            They will never find their way back”

We watched the trucks splatter them when they crossed

            the highway.

            We were quickly covered with exhaust

and the spray.

            Abbey flipped a trucker the bird

            and the truck turned around and headed our way.

When he came close, we could see the trucker he had angered

            was, in fact, a bear

            but Abbey was not deterred.

I kept back and watched them swear

            at each other afraid to take a side.

            The bear finally asked “What the hell you doing out in middle of nowhere?”

and offered us a ride.

            Abbey laughed as he got in

            and motioned for me to come inside.

The bear asked how he had been

            since the last big flood.

            “Same old. Same old” Abbey said with a grin

as he wiped off the crud.          

            Then after I climbed in the truck

            “Hey, who’s the warm blood?”

“Just some miserable fuck

            I found out in the desert wilderness

            down on his luck.

His situation was hopeless,       

            as a matter of fact,

            so I thought I’d show him the mess

and then send him back.”

            The bear asked me “Well, how you liking the tour?”

            I answered “Well there’s no lack

of thrills but it is a lot to endure

            especially the scent!”

            “Well it is quite a detour

from the world from which you were sent

            but from what I hear

            up there isn’t all that different!”

“That’s true, I fear,

            it won’t be long when up there

            will be as bad as it is down here!”

“You humans are just like the rest of us, you know” said the bear.

            “You’re born with hunger, lust and greed

            but you have to be taught to care.

You don’t even care enough to feed

            all of your own kind

            even though you got tons of shit you don’t need.”

“You don’t have to remind

            me in a place like this

            of all the failings of mankind.”

“Well it does seem to us that ‘Ignorance is Bliss’”

            is still the motto of man.”

            We were driving through a desert now lush with cactus.

There was a naked man who ran

            away from a giant saguarro. Abbey pointed at him,

            “Hey there’s old Grundman!”

The man met a fate that was most grim

            when he was crushed under

            that cactus with all those spikes in them.

“That’s what he gets for that senseless plunder

            of murdering cactus with a shotgun!”

            He wasn’t the only one being torn asunder.

There were many naked men on the run.

            I saw a coyote

            chase down someone

on an ATV! He had no pity

            on the poor soul he downed.

            Abbey said “These folks come from the city

and think the desert is their playground.”

            The bear added, “I guess you lose

            your connection living with concrete all around.”

Abbey said, “There’s no excuse

            for not being able to appreciate the stark

            beauty of this land and confuse

it for an amusement park!”

































Down the road,

            there was a mountain looming large on the horizon.

            In this huge commode

it was a strange phenomenon.

            I told Abbey that I found it strange

            that we were coming upon

a mountain range.

            “Oh, that up ahead?

            That’s no ordinary change

in scenery” he said.

            “Those are just big piles

            of trash instead!

That dump goes on for miles

            filled with trash

            of all styles!

They couldn’t smash

            it down anymore

            and they couldn’t stash

it away like they did before.

            Soon it piled up so high

            it was impossible to ignore!”

Indeed it soon dominated the sky

            and there seemed to be no way around.

            I couldn’t see how we were going to get by

but when we got closer I found

            that the road led


There was a tunnel up ahead.

            When I realized that was where we were going

            I just shook my head.

There was no knowing

            what was waiting inside.

            My anticipation was not growing

I just wanted to get off this ride!

            The tunnel was dim

            and not very wide.

Inside, the spectacle was quite grim.

            People were stuck in the tunnel wall

            with nothing sticking out but a limb.

There were some arms and legs but that was all

            but the rest was out of sight.

            Watching these limbs move was enough to install

in me a fright.

            Some of the hands were made to hold

            onto a light.

As we went further under the dark and cold

            mountain of refuse,

            Abbey told

the story about the poor souls who were subject to this abuse.

            “These were the worst kind of slug

            that should never be let loose.

These were the people who tried to hide their waste under a rug

            and those they paid to turn a blind eye.

            So, here, the more trash they buried the deeper the hole they dug

themselves into this sty.”

            We drove on as this horrific sight

            passed by.

After several miles, I could see the light

            at the end.

            It was so bright

I could not defend

            myself from going blind.

            What happened next, I could not comprehend.

In fact, it blew my mind.





























The bear and the truck were gone

            the moment we reached the light.

            I felt that something was definitely wrong

but Abbey assured me everything was alright.

            It appeared that we were on top of that massive trash mound

            and there were children playing within our sight.

From a distance it looked like a normal playground.

            There were kids playing on the slide and the swing set

            and the parents were all gathered around.

But when we got closer we could tell the parents were quite upset.

            They were screaming but their children didn’t hear.

            There was some unseen barrier that would not let

them near.

            The children were happy and sweet.

            They did not fear

all the perils they were sure to meet.

            There was rusted metal trash and broken glass

            that threatened their bare feet.

A fat kid was dipping a finger in some glowing mass

            coming from a leaky drum.

            There was a kid splashing around in a pool of gas.

His parents hollered for him to come

            but there was no sound.

            Other kids were wrestling in black scum

seeping from somewhere underground.

            A little girl was playing with a gun

            that she had found.

There seemed to be poison


            Kids were having fun

putting it in each other’s hair.

            They were blind

            to their parent’s despair.

The mothers helplessly whined

            and fathers pounded with all their might

            but the children paid no mind.

A small boy found some matches and was about to light

            up the whole place.

            I remember the sight

of the innocent smile on his face.

            I ran right through

            that invisible barrier and gave chase

but there was nothing I could do.

            I was not able to interfere

            even as the flames grew.

My effort was most sincere

            but it was as if the children were not there.

            In spite of what I could see and hear

I was grasping at empty air.

            I turned around

            and watched the parents who were unaware

of me fall to the ground.

            I tried to them this wasn’t real

            but I couldn’t make a sound.

Abbey said “I know how you feel.


            is what we deal

to our children and grandchildren. It’s our legacy.

            We are leaving behind

            a world we would never want to see.

We prefer to be blind.

            Live in a state of denial

            and we get so appalled when someone is there to remind

us how we are so fragile.”






























We wandered into more development

            just past the playground

            was miles and miles of cement.

Houses spread out all around

            with trash left at the curb

            but there was not a soul to be found.

We walked into the suburb.

         Pretty homes lined up all the same.

         Nothing seemed to disturb

this place. In such a horrid realm, it seemed too tame.

         Abbey said, “It just goes on and on.

         All these homes are so fuckin’ lame!

Each with a two car garage and well manicured lawn.

         It would be a nice place to spend the day

         but the occupants are gone!”

“If I was down here, this is where I’d surely stay!

         To find these homes empty is truly bizarre!”

         “What you must understand is everything here is so far away.

No one can stay where they are.

         Their homes are here

         but they live in their car!”

Of all the things I’ve seen in this sphere,

         all these pretty homes left alone

         was the most queer!

My mind reeled in the strange sights I’ve been shown.

         I had to wonder if there was any way out

         of this twilight zone.

“I don’t mean to pout

         but this seems like a maze.

         The way these streets wander about,

we could be here for days!”

         “You’re right there. There’s no sense

         to sticking to these wandering roadways.

We’re better off hopping the fence.”

         So we cut through the back

         and no one was there to come to the defense.

There was no dog trained to attack

         but I was given a fright

         when I heard the crack

of the bug zapper. It was a gruesome sight

         the strangest insect zapper I’ve ever seen

         because instead of a blue light

it had a TV screen.

         I saw hundreds of souls get fried.

         It was really quite obscene.

“Why do they commit suicide?

         Surely, they can’t be as dumb as they seem!”

         “It’s sad how tempting it is to live inside

TV’s empty dream.

         We’re all taught

         by this endless stream

of crap to be bought.

         The TV never gives it a rest!

         We’re constantly told we ought

to have the latest and greatest!

         All our lives we’re exposed

         to this pest!

But what is never disclosed

         is that happiness doesn’t last

         when we buy all this shit that is disposed

of so fast.”

         We moved on

         and wandered past

more homes each with a well kept lawn.

         Pretty abodes where all

         the inhabitants were curiously gone.

Finally, we reached the home of the pastime more American than baseball

         when we walked across a huge parking lot

         the surrounded the shopping mall.















We were at the center of the sprawl

            that dreaded and awful complex

            known as the shopping mall.

“Oh please! I don’t want to go there next!

            It is horrid enough in the land above.

            Down here, Lord knows what to expect

or what horrors that the Earth would think of!”

            “Well” Abbey said, “I’d hate to drag you to the mall

            you so dearly love

but don’t look up now  because there’s a squall

            coming and we got to get inside

            before this shit begins to fall!”

When I looked back and saw a black tide

            of trash,

            I realized I had to abide

as the shit storm began to crash

            down. I ran

            to the Sacred Temple of Cash.

Reaching the entrance I said to Abbey, “Man

            there’s garbage flying everywhere.”

            “Yes. The shit is hitting the fan!”

Foul music filled the air

            when we walked inside the door.

            It was too much to bear,


            I dropped to my knees

            I couldn’t take any more.


            As if that all wasn’t enough

            to make me ill at ease,

when I saw all the stuff

            for sale

            things got really rough.

I saw a woman, skinned naked and pale

            hanging on a rack.

            Then a seal as big as a whale

grab her and throw her over her back.

            I knew her

            from back on the beach where that attack

did occur.

            As we watched her empty skin plead

            for mercy, Abbey said “She had a taste for fur

long after there was any need.

            Its hard to explain

            how somebody could have such greed

and be so vain

            and be so mean

            to cause so much pain

just to make the scene!”

            The skin coats weren’t all.

            There was obscene

merchandise displayed on shelves from wall to wall.

            Those souls we saw hunted before

            were made into junk and sold throughout the mall.

Ash tray skulls, dismembered hands and other gore

            was displayed on one cart.

            “That’s the fate of the soul that could no more

see himself as a part

            of the entire Earth.

            Man loses his heart

when he weighs life only by how much money it’s worth.”
































All of these horrors were enough to make you sick

            but I swear

            nothing was worse than that god-awful music.

Insipid and sappy music was everywhere

            and impossible to ignore.

            Abbey and I down the stair

and walked into a toy store.

            The toy store was full of big kids indeed

            that were always crying for more.

They were whining about all the things they need

            and from what I could see

            from their incessant greed,

they couldn’t be any older than the age of three.

            The shelves were lined with souls that

            looked just like Ken and Barbie.

They screamed when they were picked up by a spoiled brat

            and torn limb from limb.

            Those awful fat

kids quickly got bored with them

            and threw them away.

            It was hard to fathom

the way those kids play.

            “People are convinced they need the most useless things

            but the joy of having it doesn’t stay

so shallow is the pleasure it brings.

            So all this shit just fills the trash bins

            while the bumper sticker still sings,

‘He Who Dies with The Most Toys wins!’”

            “They don’t look winners to me!”

            I said as I watched these poor souls get punished for their sins.

There was still more to see

            just past all the Barbie and Ken

            dolls. There were action figures struggling to get free

but they were stuck in their plastic pen.

            The brats would get a hold

            of one and tear and thrash at it but it still would not open.

We watched those poor souls struggle to get before a three year old

            got to them. I asked why their punishment was so drastic.

            “Because they designed everything they sold

to be encased in so much plastic.

            I don’t why anyone would believe

            that it is so fantastic

to have to receive

            so much trash with every product.”

            “Maybe they thought we would perceive

that we were getting more bang for our buck.”

            “Well it is certainly treason

            for the Earth to be stuck

with all this non-biodegradable trash for no good reason.”

            So we decided to leave that terrible store

            and go back into the mall where it was always Christmas Season.

We walked out the door

            as one of the three year olds was ripping off Barbie’s gown.

            Plastic bags were piling on the floor.

Soon they were up to our necks and I feared we might drown.

            I looked for an escalator leading up and away

            but Abbey said the only way out was down.

So we went down a stairway

            and soon the river of plastic was over our head

            as we made our way

down further in this mall of dread.