Sometimes work is boring. Sometimes it is so boring that my mind just wanders off. At first, it only wandered off for a few minutes, but now it doesnít come back until happy hour. It hasnít affected my work much. My body is fully competent doing all those same tasks over and over and is frankly glad to be rid of all that distraction that the mind always gives it. My coworkers donít seem to notice. The only thing they find strange is that I answer all my questions with yes or no. Those are the only words that my body knows.

"How are you today?"


My mind seems to be happy with the split too. It was getting tired of dragging all that meat around everywhere. Unlike the mind that can go as fast as it wants, the body always has to walk through doors or take the bus. It was terribly slow and it was always tired or hungry or something.

Usually while the body at work, my mind likes to go to a club where other minds that are tired of being with their bodies hang out. It is very nice there. It is just the way we want it to be. Carl is there. His body watches an endless parade of hot dog buns for eleven hours a day. He said he was ready to bring a gun to work before his mind started to wander. Todd is there too. He works as a bartender. He has to listen to the same stories and broken dreams everyday. Finally while Leo was telling him once again what he was going to do when he won the lottery, his mind wandered off. His body is fully capable of grunting responses and keeping their glasses full.

At the club we have great conversations. It is so much easier to think when your body isnít always interrupting with something about food or sex.

Thereís a woman there that says her body is paralyzed and always in pain. Her name is Leah. She says if I saw her body, I would be disgusted. She never goes back. I like her. Her mind is beautiful. Sometimes I even go to see her at night while my body is watching T.V..

Today, Leah took me to her home. It wasnít really her home where her body stayed. It was the home that she always wanted. It was up on a sunny hill and there were lots of birds and flowers. We didnít go inside. Instead, we had a picnic on the lawn and made love all afternoon. It was beautiful. It was the way we always wanted it to be. She said she had something very important to tell me. I told her that I had something very important to say to her too. 

I went first and told her that I loved her.....

She told me she was dead.