Performing at Neurolux Boise Idaho, November 17th

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Tycoon Machete is a artist collective from Salt Lake City Utah. Originally conceived as a recording project in 2003, it has gone through several incarnations and members. Currently, TM is performing as a trio with founding members J . P. Whipple (vocals. synth, "Banjrs", 1942 National lap steel, and guitars), and James Perry (drums, synths, and sequences). Newest member, Erin Stout, performs on bass guitar, musical saw, and washboard.


In 2014, TM released "Thinking of You... Staring at the Power Lines". The album featured many of Whipple's "backwoods songs" which were written while Whipple was living out of his truck like some sort of barefoot musical monk. He describes TM's music as "hillbilly grunge" mixing elements of psychedelia, electronica, Americana, and alt-rock. The band is currently working on a new studio album and occasionally performing in Utah and Idaho.

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