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She Finds - (2014) from the album Thinking of You...


Back to My Old Self

from the album Moab (2015)


Laughing with a Cigarette from the album Moab (2014)


Gone from the album Thinking of You... (2014)


Bible Milk from the album: Bible Milk (2010)


To Be Free from the album: Bible Milk (2010)


Stain from the album Thinking of You... (2014)


Ghosts title track from the album Ghosts (2012)


Stick With Me from the album Bible Milk (2009)


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Drought in the garage out back live performance (2015)


This ain't Living recorded live in da house Flagstaff 2012


Mother Road with Erin Stout 2015


What a Fool am I Park City Television 2005


To Be Free - Mystical Spatula on Park City Televison 2008


Ghosts - Live at Uncommon Ground Chicago 2013


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Vagabond for President! Campaign Commercial 2012


A Short Documentary about J.P.Whipple 2015


Zik Zak Zoom FR (translated back to English) 2010


Interview with Tycoon Machete 2005 on PCTV


Interview with "Mystical Spatula" on PCTV 2008


Vote Whipple! Campaign Commercial 2012